WSGI Support for Automate

This extension provides Web server for WSGI-aware extensions, such as Remote Procedure Call Support for Automate, Web User Interface for Automate. It is of no use alone.

Class definition

class automate.extensions.wsgi.TornadoService[source]

Abstract service that provides HTTP server for WSGI applications.

http_ipaddr = None

Which ip address to listen. Use (default) to listen to all local networking interfaces.

http_port = None

HTTP (or HTTPS if using SSL) port to listen

ssl_certificate = None

Path to ssl certificate file. If set, SSL will be used.


You may use script scripts/ to generate a self-signed openssl certificate.

ssl_private_key = None

Path to ssl private key file

num_threads = None

Number of listener threads to spawn

static_dirs = None

Extra static dirs you want to serve. Example:

static_dirs = {'/my_static/(.*)': '/path/to/my_static'}

Get WSGI function. Implement this in subclasses.